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The watch brand Pierre-Petit is the result of a perfect symbiosis of tradition, precision, craftsmanship and modernity combined with Austrian charm and business acumen. The brothers Alfred and Norbert Riedl from St.Veit/Glan in Carinthia have approximately 40 years of highly successful entrepreneurial experience in the international watch industry. Back in the seventies they established a company called Jacques Lemans - a small business operating mainly in Austria and Germany. Today the Jacques Lemans Group is selling its brands in more than 120 countries worldwide, on board various international airlines, on cruise ships as well as in duty free shops around the world.

Alfred and Norbert Riedl

Back in the eighties, the France based company Pierre-Petit has already been producing time pieces for Jacques Lemans. When a couple of years ago the Riedl brothers were offered to buy the brand, they decided to take this offer literally in the “blink of an eye”… for two reasons mainly - first of all to keep alive and protect quite an important part of the history of French watch making but also to keep an important part of their personal success story under their control.

As the “genius loci” is playing an important role with this venture, the brothers brought the brand Pierre-Petit to St.Veit/Glan, the place they were born and remained truly faithful to. This charming little town, a former dukedom, truly deserves the title “small is beautiful”. The Riedl brothers´ attachment to their home town is documented by setting up Jacques Lemans European Headquarters right in St.Veit/Glan instead of a more prestigious place somewhere in the world. As a consequence, Pierre-Petit has been set up in St.Veit/Glan as well and distribution, design, construction and marketing are organised from there.

City Hall of St. Veit an der Glan

The new owners´ brand principle is: “To provide excellent value for money combined with exquisite design.” With the new and exclusive brand Alfred and Norbert Riedl are setting a new milestone in their business history and in the global watch market as well. The official international launch presentation of the brand Pierre-Petit took place at the “Baselworld” watch show 2011 in Switzerland, the most important and prestigious show in the watch/jewellery business. Inspired by tradition and modernity the Pierre-Petit collection is presenting the perfect time pieces for sophisticated connoisseurs of the art of watchmaking. The brand new collection is setting new benchmarks and is clearly outstanding with its stringent quality requirements.